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Wedding celebration

বিয়ের উৎসবSenjuti’s head covering is getting damaged while trying to fix Tikli. Sitting next to Gopal, he can’t think how to put on the turban. While taking a selfie with his new wife, Gopal lost his mobile phone. Anyway, I finally finished taking selfies while sitting on the cradle. Tikli, Nolak, red tuktuke orna, turban open and submitted.

It is learned that Senjuti and Gopal are preparing for marriage in real life. None of the two houses know anything yet. But they will inform soon. Both have become doctors. Enthusiastic about the marriage, the two have come to the Ayush-Naksha wedding festival at the five-star hotel Sonargaon in the capital.
There was an offer to take a selfie at Athens Furniture. After posting a selfie on the Facebook page of this organization, the picture that will get more likes will have a special gift for them. Senjuti went to Persona, a make-up company, and applied henna on her hands for free. There is also an opportunity to give free henna in this festival.
The festival, which started at the hotel’s open space Oasis on Thursday morning, was organized by Daily Prothom Alo’s Tuesday supplement design and Unilever’s cosmetics brand Ayush.
This is being organized for the fifth time to establish the idea of ​​’marriage market is in the country’. The entrance gate to the festival is decorated with colorful fabrics. In the morning, presenter, model and actress Masuma Rahman Nabila and her groom Jobaidul Haque Rim came to the festival premises in a palanquin made in the shape of a car decorated with flowers. They have known each other for 17 years. Married eight months ago. As soon as the couple arrived at the festival premises, various formalities started. According to the custom of the wedding party to the rhythm of the band party, cutting the ribbon of the gate, feeding sherbet and sweets, exchanging garlands, taking part in the photoshoot, walking on the ramp — everything has to be done. Anisul Haque, associate editor of Prothom Alo and Sumna Sharmin, feature editor performed the ceremony of welcoming the new couple.
The couple announced the opening of the festival from a stage set up under the open sky. Nabila said firmly, we have to expand our country’s products. And Jobaidul Haque Rim said, in the last 10-15 years there has been an expansion of domestic products. However, in the case of marriage, different manufacturing companies have to pay attention to the price aspect. So that no one thinks that products can be bought from outside the country at this price.
Thus the festival gradually grew. Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman visited the festival in one go.
Apart from the wedding ceremony, only the victims know how much to plan before and after the wedding. The cost of taking pictures of the bride and groom, decorating their house, going on a honeymoon — none of this is a waste. For those who are planning to get married or are interested in getting married, various organizations have set up products in different pavilions and stalls for the wedding. And on the occasion of the festival, there was a scattering of discounts on various products. There were also consultants from various organizations for advice on any subject including makeup.
There are thousands of problems in marriage. Wedding festival or why it will be an exception! So while the Nabila-Rim couple was sitting on the open stage talking about their wedding experience, the arranged stage tilted a little on the couple. However, the modern agile couple, they just managed.
After the new couple left the open stage, the stage continues with songs about the marriage of Dantyas Raushan, songs by the visually impaired Chhota Sayem or songs by Bauls from Mymensingh, Netrokona. Today, singing on the stage of the wedding ceremony was the first time in Sayem’s life to sing on any stage.
While Sayem was singing one song after another, Shahid, an employee of Hotel Sonargaon, was listening to it while standing in front of the stage. He said he came to the festival as there was less work. He said that even though Sayem is visually impaired, he has a lot of talent, if he gets a good environment, the boy will improve his life a lot.
Kumudini Hajra came from Agargaon Taltola of the capital. Laboni Biswas, a 10th class girl, came with her mother wearing a red tuktuk sari. The mother and daughter took pictures in a palanquin decorated with flowers with a smile on their faces. Another daughter of Kumudini Hazra has passed HSC. Girls are growing up, so there are many worries about girls’ marriage. The mother said that she came to the festival and got to know various information. And the mother and daughter went to express the feeling of taking pictures together and said with a smile, ‘Great!’
Iti and Khilkhil toured almost all the stalls of the festival wearing the same green dress. They both teach at a coaching center. The two sisters are not yet married. But it is not that you will not get married. That’s why they are so interested in the festival.
In addition to the master plan for marriage, some people go to the festival. Abdul Gofran, chairman of Sufi International Limited, came to the festival with two guests from Qatar to Bangladesh.
Many are also visiting the Vidyananda Foundation’s stall, which has come up with various activities including food for one taka and medical treatment for one taka. Raushan Akhter, a volunteer of the foundation, said, ‘Wedding food has a special attraction for street children. They wait for the food to overflow and they eat it. But now many people invite street children to the wedding. When those who want to feed the street children contact us, we bathe the street children and take them away. In addition, if anyone wants to give extra food to the street children after the marriage ceremony, we bring and distribute. However, we do not take this food for free, we give a book worth one thousand rupees as a gift to the new couple. ‘
As the day progresses, Coxtoday, Sadia Benaresi House, Tangail Sari Cottage, Makeup Association Mebab, Prime Bank Limited, Athenas Furniture, Orion Tea Company, Orion Footwear, MR Rana Photography, Banis Co.


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