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Surgical mask can last 7 days!

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Palestinian newlywed Baraa and Ammar pose for a picture while wearing face masks in the West Bank village of Dora near Hebron on April 4, 2020, as authorities imposed restrictions on large gatherings in a bid to stem the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. (Photo by HAZEM BADER / AFP)

Then there is no relief from coronavirus even after the surgical mask! Yes, that’s what a new study suggests. According to the researchers, the coronavirus can survive in a surgical mask for 7 days! Researchers have been monitoring cardboard, stainless steel and other items to see how long the coronavirus can survive. A new study by the Hong Kong School of Public Health has been published in the medical journal Lancet. It shows how long the coronavirus can last on the surface of various objects, including tissues, wood and cloth. Surprisingly, coronavirus was found on the outside of the face mask a week later!

“Surprisingly, even on the seventh day, there may be detectable levels of the virus on the outside of the surgical mask,” the researchers wrote in the report.

However, since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for face masks, especially surgical masks and N95 respiratory masks, has increased worldwide. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) says there is no need to wear a mask unless you are infected with the coronavirus yourself or if you are not in the service of someone infected.

All researchers, including Leo Pun Lit-Man and owner Paris, involved in the study, emphasized the importance of wearing and opening the mask properly to avoid being infected with corona.

“It’s very important that you don’t touch the outside when you wear a surgical mask,” Paris told the South China Morning Post. Because your hands may be infected with germs. In that case, if you touch your eyes, you can get the virus through your eyes. ”

Frequent washing of clothes used to cover face and nose is recommended. And when opening, do not touch the place in front. It is also advisable to wash your hands well after opening the mask.

The research report states that the coronavirus lasts longer on relatively soft surfaces. Copper can last 4 hours on a page, cardboard can last 24 hours. And plastic can last for three days.

An earlier study had said that coronavirus could last 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard and three days on plastic. However, coronavirus life expectancy is affected by other factors, including temperature and humidity, the researchers said.

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