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Winter outfit

The makeup also changes with the seasons. Gorgeous, heavy, dark — winter makeup will have it all. But this year’s winter makeup will have different surprises. There will be softness of heat even in winter. Gorgeous and bright colors will come, but the fresh look will not be lost because of it.

Graphical design

The drama of makeup can be seen around the eyes. Graphically different designs will take place on the eyelids. Sometimes the designs will be thick, sometimes thin. Blue dominance can be seen in the eyeshadow. More glitter is being used now. Sometimes on the eyeshadow, sometimes just the colored glitter is stuck on the leaves. Thick, messy eyebrows now. In addition to black mascara, other colors will also come forward. Again, he may not have used any mascara occasionally. Eyeshadow, Kajal changed the look of the eyes.

Change the lipstick

The last two years have been a triumph of matte lipstick. This year, the lipstick has come back with a shiny look. Not too dark shades, but lighter shades of darker colors can be seen. The last two years the dark shade of red had reached brown. This time it will go to Maroon and get stuck. Light nude colors are more common during the summer. These colors will be the companion of the lips in winter.

Pink hue

A hint of pink can be seen on the cheeks. Looking at the lines of melon or light pink, it would seem that the winter air has painted this color.


The cheeks are contoured for pressing. This method is called cutting the cheeks with makeup. Contouring will be done this year, but it will not be understood – this is how contouring has to be done.

Light foundation

Persona director Nuzhat Khan said the makeup base will be very light this year. The lighter it is, the fresher it will look. There is no need to do makeup if you don’t need it. Wash your face, apply cream and go out in the same way.

Bright colors

Bright colors can be seen in lipstick and eyeshadow. Neon colors should be used in such a way that the freshness of the face is not lost.


There are two types of manipulation in the hair. On the one hand, the hair will be puffed on the front side, on the other hand, the hair will be combed with serum or gel in a slick style. Hair will be arranged both straight and curly. However, the tendency to keep it open can be seen more.

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