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Coronavirus dry cough? How to understand

hur e zannatFever, cold and cough are normal at this time of the season. It must have happened before. But this time it is completely different. Now people are panicking despite fever and dry cough. Because these are said to be the first signs of coronavirus infection. But not all fevers. Colds and fevers are also symptoms of the common flu. During this time, whatever happens in the heat and sweat.

However, colds, coughs and coughs. Which we call wet cough. But in the case of Corona, it is a dry cough. Sore throat, dry throat and cough. With excessive fever and shortness of breath.

Corona is not diagnosed clinically at all. Information that can only be understood by coughing has not yet been proven. Dry cough can be caused by many more reasons. People who have lung problems, who smoke excessively, suffer from dry cough all year round.

If the corona is infected, fever, cold, cough will be accompanied by sore throat and shortness of breath. Since it affects the lungs, many people confuse it with pneumonia.

Corona and pneumonia are completely different. Contact a doctor immediately if you feel unwell or have problems such as fever or shortness of breath.

Do not hide any symptoms. If there is a problem and leaving it, the complication increases. Corona identification is done only with swab test. Do not spit or cough wherever there is.

Use a handkerchief or tissue for sneezing, coughing and runny nose. Discard it after use. Death is not imminent if it is not done. With proper treatment you will recover. Just follow some rules.

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