Transport owners, workers to suspend services in Rajshahi from tomorrow

Reuters file photo
Reuters file photo

Transport owners and workers in Rajshahi have decided to suspend public transport services from 6:00am tomorrow — due to the recent hike in fuel prices.

They demanded that bus fare for various routes be adjusted according to fuel price hike, reports our staff correspondent.

Confirming the development, Motiul Haque, general secretary of Rajshahi Bus Owners’ Association, said that they are not forcing anyone to suspend services, the bus owners and workers took the decision.

“Why would we ply vehicles when we have to count losses?” he asked.

He also said that a bus owner earns around Tk 8,000 by operating a bus on a 45km route for 10 days. They would not be able to make profit if they had to continue to operate buses at current fares while also paying higher fuel prices.

Many bus companies have already suspended operations; others will start tomorrow, he added.

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