The sleepless gambler of the cloud kingdom

নির্ঘুম জুয়াড়ি

Back from Malaysia: A lot like a dream, but not a dream. Very real. The story of a cloud kingdom in Malaysia, the land of sea mountains. While walking on the road here, sometimes clouds come and become companions. Never touches! Going that route is also a pleasure trip. Clean one-way path up and down the hills. All around is just eye-catching green and green. At one stage, the direction of the car only starts to go upwards. I realized which one height is our destination today. The name of the place is “Ganting Highland”. A modern city built on a high hill. Starting from the crowded KL Center in the capital Kuala Lumpur, the car has been running non-stop for about 45 minutes. From here, a well-organized city is shining brightly.

Arrived at the last stop near “Ganting Highlands”. From here you can go to Ganting by road if you want. However, this path is more complex, crooked. Other than that, the ‘cable-car’ will be quite enjoyable. So the car was parked here. From this end of the cable-car station, as far as the eye can see, only the height. I realized that the ascent was not over yet. Only this path of the car is also upward. At the end of the floating path of about ten minutes we reached the desired destination. I came out of the station and saw a strange weather. Covered in fog all around. In the meanwhile the wind is blowing. After a while maybe again the whole transparent surroundings. It is not left to understand that this is the kingdom of clouds. 7200 feet written in red light on top of a tall building. This means that our position is now 6,200 feet above the surface. On another board next to it, the temperature indicator is 08 degrees Celsius. I’ve spent a lot of time standing under the open sky before, but this is the first time I’ve spent time in such an atmosphere with clouds above 6,200 feet! So far, nature is looking for something different.

The path extends beneath Ganting’s high-rise building and the open field. Row upon row of famous cars parked all over. The question may come why so many cars at this height in the middle of the night? The answer can be found after going inside the building. Elahi shoots inside! This building is actually a promotional boat. Shopping, theme parks, theaters or cine halls, music, discos, bars! What’s not? However, these are not the center of attraction. The main attraction is the casino here. All the more well-known and expensive casinos, including Fast World, Casino Ganting. As soon as I entered Fast World, I was first given a member card. Along with being the first member, there are several more gifts including free tickets to stay at the hotel here. After entering the gambling hall of the fast world, the eyes are quite charakagacha! It’s two o’clock on the clock. But every table in the casino is crowded with gamblers. Absolutely can be called a rumor. The casino also has a few divisions. You have to go to the VVIP section. Only Platinum and Diamond card holders can go here. I’m just a new player. My card name is Classic. Another seasoned gambler here is my sponsor. The VVIP tables have player gatherings but pin-drop silence all around.

I concentrated on the banker-player (a kind of gambling) table. It took me a while to fully understand. Gambling goes on loudly on the table. The table is changing from time to time, and the game director is picturesque Lalna. Interestingly, in this elite gambling hall where gamblers from all over the world come to fly money, there is a regular participation of a flourishing class of developing Bangladesh in the third world. Sitting at the table in the middle, I just watch the game. Suddenly I heard a distant voice saying, “No! Not today. Catching on Saturday! ” Another said, “Oh! It didn’t happen, it didn’t happen last time. When will it be decided !! ”.

The clock strikes 30 minutes past 4 o’clock at night. Not even a trace of sleep can be found in the eyes of gamblers. Because night and day are no different at the gambling table. Everything is gambling. All bets. There is no such thing as destiny for people with modern thinking. Yet why do the most realistic and modern elite people in the world come back again and again to seek fortune here? I also got the answer to that question. A class full of riches or zero of riches wants to get lost in the cradle of hope and despair in another world, in different thoughts. They come running here. Sitting at the gambling table, all the thoughts and thoughts of the society and the world fly away. The three of us got up from the gambling table shortly after 5 am. Everyone’s eyes are blinking. We’ve been together for the past four hours. But I never remembered looking at each other. This is the first time I look at each other while drinking coffee. The fact is that today we have earned about three and a half thousand ringgit from the banker’s table. About 75 thousand Bangladeshi rupees. This is the story of the first day. Went two more days later. However, if he hears the story, the desire to taste the gambling hall of “Ganting Highland” may be lost.

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