Sabrina’s Street Education

Sabrina Enayet
Sabrina Enayet

Staff Reporter: Sabrina Enayet has been doing exemplary work in the education of the poor women and children of the capital. She is teaching English to street children and their families in sidewalks, slums and poor settlements. Sabrina, a teacher of Bangladesh International School, Mohakhali. has been doing this in different areas of the capital for 8 years. Its purpose is to teach English fairly well with elementary education so that these poor children can do better in the future. Can choose a good livelihood. Thanks to this admirable initiative of Sabrina Enayet, several private development agencies of the city have collaborated in her road education.

Sabrina’s English education has also recently started at the Zoom Bangladesh Foundation’s Zoom Bangladesh School. He is regularly teaching English to 55 children of Zoom Bangladesh School in Hatirjheel of the capital. This enterprising woman has also given English education materials to these children on her own initiative. His English teaching techniques are also fancy. He is teaching these playful street children, not books, in play.

Sabrina Enayet

Sabrina is not only teaching English but also working for the health protection and rights of the women deprived of education in the slums. He said that he got the courage to do such a humanitarian work from his family as well as his job in school. But in the slums or neighborhoods where he goes to do these educational and service work, some local fanatics create various obstacles. He has to be humiliated while doing these things due to their insults and obstacles. Yet he did not lose his temper. Sabrina hopes that in the future, many more will come forward in Dhaka city with road education services. And in that education the neglected-deprived children will have a better future.

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