LDP leader’s house on fire in Chandraganj

Allegations of political revenge

Chondro gonj Fire News It has been alleged that the house of local LDP leader Makshudur Rahman was set on fire in Chandraganj due to political revenge. The incident took place at Latifpur village of Chandraganj police station on Wednesday afternoon. Makshudur Rahman’s mother Marjahan Begum has lodged a complaint with the police. Citing the allegation, the police said that Makshudur Rahman is currently an expatriate in the United States. His mother lived in a village house in West Latifpur. When they could not find Makshudur, 15/16 cadres of Awami League set fire to the house. 3 houses and valuables of the house were burnt. Later fire service personnel came and put out the fire. His mother Marjahan Begum also mentioned in the GD filed with the police station that the political terrorists had attacked Makshudur Rahman on several occasions while he was in the country. Police are investigating the incident.

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