From Dhaka to Kolkata New Market Hotel at a cost of only 580 rupees!

kolkataTwice this year I went on the plane twice and once again. Needless to say, this is a low cost calculation but for hard-packed bagpackers travelers, not for any luxury tourists. Female children will also cost more. I will tell you why later.

* 450 / = by Gabtali to Darshana Royal or Purbasha bus
* Get down there by van at the border 30 / =
* 30 rupees in the van again after crossing the border
* Sealdah station at Rs 30 by electric train after completing the formalities of India
* Dharmatala New Market by bus from outside the station 6 rupees

This cost does not include travel tax or speed money.
Travel tax has to be paid whichever way you go.
Bangladesh part of Darshana border is fairly friendly. Easier and less crowded than Benapole.

If you don’t want to face customs in India, rate 50 rupees. Gede, the railway station in India, and customs immigration at the same time. If you know the train schedule by Google from Gede, it will be an advantage in time management.

Get on the train for a 3-hour journey and do some natural activities. Because there is no toilet on the train.
And there is free cold water at the station.

If you are on your first trip, this is the real India for you.

When it is office time, the crowd will gradually increase inside. You have never seen such a crowd. Some will occupy the space between the two legs. The bag overflows up to the top of the head. Someone will hang the bag with an iron hook made from home near your nose and mouth. With a hawker or a similar hawk in the throat “Six lemon buds, you will not get any more if you stick to the lemon”

After an hour and a half, an office passenger will tell you, you sit for a long time, now let me sit! What, absolutely shocked to hear !?

You can ask them if you want, you can argue that, call the police. Let’s see what is in the law. I am not obliged to give you my seat. But when you consider the other side, it will no longer be yours.

On the other hand, most of the thousands of passengers go to the office after standing for two and a half hours and then return. They stand for about 6 hours. Can anyone in Dhaka think of it as a daily routine ?! It is their daily routine. One way distance is about 116 km! There is a thing called humanity ..

Some people are watching Bangladeshi dramas on their mobile phones after getting a seat. Mosharraf Karim is very popular in West Bengal. So far, why no Tollygunge director could take him in a movie? Maybe he didn’t get his schedule. Many fans are there.

If you’re adventurous, and love the masses, you’ll enjoy listening to the usual gossip about their weird accents. A picture of their life will continue to float in the mind.

We are crossing Harishnagar, Banpur, Majhdia, Begula, Ranaghat, Chakdaha, Kalyani, Kankinagar, Sodpur, Dumdum, Bidhannagar and Sealdah stations at regular intervals.

This time we got off at Dumdum to catch the metro. So crowded for office time! It is better to go down to Sealdah and catch a bus. After a long journey, I did not like fighting with the office passengers for the metro along the line again.

Anyway, the Esplanade station in a while on the metro. At that time Indian time was around 10 o’clock. I entered the Newmarket area, the destination of most Bangladeshis. Inside, the well-known food is Islami Yadgar in Kalabhuna and Lachcha Parota.

I went to the barracks at the Royal Place, opposite the Fire Brigade Head Office, the four-room AC room 2000 rupees per day. Everyone’s body is breaking down in the journey of 13/14 hours. It’s raining cats and dogs.

Calcutta – The City of Joy’s tour has started since then.

Another day’s story of the amazing public transport and city planning of such an old Kolkata ..

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