Tragic death of 3 young men in one day in New York

The shadow of mourning in the community

সালাহউদ্দিন আহমেদ, নিউইয়র্ক থেকেIn three separate incidents in New York, three Bangladeshi-American youths died in one day, on Wednesday, August 5 (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun). Their untimely and tragic deaths seem to have broken the sky in three families. Besides, the shadow of mourning has descended on the community, especially the Bangladeshi inhabitants of Brooklyn, Weight Park and the Bronx. The deceased were identified as Maran Rahman, 25, second son of Prothom Alo North American journalist and writer Mahbub Rahman, community activist Tanvir Mia, 26, and Maulana Shaikh, imam and khatib of the Jamia Islamic Center (Mosque of Woodhaven) in New York. Mohsin Ahmed (28) is the eldest son of ‘The Ahmed’. Among them, Marion died while swimming in Tanvir Lake George in a swimming pool and Mohsin Ahmed was found dead in his car. The exact cause of their deaths is not yet known. Funeral prayers will be held at different places or mosques on Friday (August 6).

Prothom Alo North American journalist Mahbub Rahman with his child
Marian Rahman dies: Prothom Alo Marian Rahman, 25, the second son of North American journalist and writer Mahbub Rahman, has died. Maran is the second of four sons of journalist Mahbub Rahman and Usha Rahman. Maran was reportedly rescued from a swimming pool in the Queens area around 10pm on Wednesday (August 5) and taken to the emergency department of a Jamaican hospital, where he was pronounced dead at midnight. It is initially thought that Marion Rahman died of cardiac arrest. We will have to wait until the autopsy results to know the real cause of his death.
It is known that Marian Rahman, known as a meritorious student, studied at the famous Brooklyn in New York. He later became involved in business before graduating from Pensacola University. Mahbub Rahman was at the Prothom Alo North America office all day on Wednesday. He went home in the evening and fell asleep. Around midnight, her other son called from California to tell her about the life crisis and told her to go to the hospital. Upon hearing the news of another son from one son, the Mahbub couple rushed to a Jamaican hospital, where the on-duty doctor informed them of their child’s death. Funeral prayers for Maran Rahman will be held at the Jamaica Muslim Center on Friday (August 6) after Jumu’ah (1:15 p.m.). Half an hour before that, his body will be seen for the last time. After Janaza, he will be buried in the Muslim Memorial at the Washington Memorial on Long Island.
The untimely death of the child of Mahbub Rahman, a former student leader, writer, journalist and realtor businessman and former president of the Sylhet Sadar Thana Association of America, has cast a shadow of mourning over the community. Haji Enam, one of the advisors of Sylhet Sadar Thana Association of America Inc., expressed deep grief and sympathy over Marian’s death in an immediate response.
Tanvir’s tragic death on Lake George
Tanvir Mia, 26, drowned while taking a “boat trip” to spend his leisure time on Lake George in Upstate, New York. Tanvir, who lives in the Bronx and is a familiar face of the community, travels to Lake with his friends. On Wednesday (August 5) morning, they took a speedboat to the middle of the lake. At one stage of swimming there, Tanvir drowned and got lost. His body was recovered from Lake George the following Thursday (August 8). In his private life, Tanvir was a pious, socialite and amiable man.
Meanwhile, a live video was made on a friend’s mobile phone at the time of the incident. It can be seen that there were 4/5 people including Tanvir in the speedboat. At one point in the fun, Tanvir first jumps into the water to swim, and after swimming some distance, returns to the boat. This time he tries to get on the boat and a friend helps him. But Tanvir did not get on the boat anymore. During this time, two more friends jumped into the lake from the boat and were seen swimming. At this stage, Tanvir’s voice suddenly says ‘Help me, help me’. With the help of Tanvir, the two friends came forward but in the end it was not possible to save him. At the time of the incident, the start of their boat was off and at that time, despite hundreds of attempts to rescue Tanvir, the speedboat could not be started.
Mohsin Ahmed’s body recovered from his car
Meanwhile, the body of another Bangladeshi-American youth named Mohsin Ahmed (28) was recovered from his own car. He is thought to have died of a sudden heart attack while driving (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun). Mohsin is also the founder and imam of Baitul Gaffar Mosque in New York and the imam and khatib of Jamia Islamic Center (Mosque of Woodhaven), the eldest son of eminent scholar Maulana Shaykh Asad Ahmed Niece. Mohsin’s home is in the traditional Gajukata village of Dubag union in Beanibazar upazila of Sylhet district. At the time of his death, Mohsin left behind many relatives including father, mother and 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
City police recovered his body from his car in front of PS 214 (School) in Weight Park, New York, around 7:30 pm on Wednesday (August 5). No exact information was found on how and when Mohsin Ahmed died. According to doctors, Tanvir may have died of a heart attack. There was no news of him for the last two days. Family side

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