The Silver Gold Express in Canada is owned by Bangladeshis

bullion mart caThe Silver Gold Express is now awaiting inauguration in the city of Toronto. Bullion Shop. Owned by a Bangladeshi businessman. This is the new kind of economic activity that is happening all over the world now – bullion business. Which means trading in precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum instead of cash. With this, banks or financial institutions also keep the reserves strong against the currency. Yes, that bullion shop was set up by Moniruzzaman Raju, a Bangladeshi businessman living in Canada, and his wife Shahnima Zaman Dora.

On Mallard Road in North York. This dazzling bullion shop has been under construction for over a year. Where you can find silver, gold, platinum coins and souvenirs. Gold and silver can also be refined here in its own factory. Customers will be able to buy and sell on Silver Gold Express as well. The first step is to open branches of Silver Gold Express Bullion Shop in various cities of Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, though in North York. Then Moniruzzaman wants to do this bullion shop in big cities of the world.

Asked why he had such an idea, Moniruzzaman, former president of the Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said it was a “continuous expansion” of his business in Canada, called Bullion Mart. Because, all over the world, people now think of precious metals as a safe and secure asset instead of cash dollars. Many people are now hoarding these bullion bar-coins in their houses or rental lockers instead of money. So think of starting this business for the next generation. Good luck on the Silver and Gold Express

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