Rakib’s song with Rizvi’s words on Valentine’s Day

rdfThe last time musician Rakib sang ‘Bhule Thakis Kemane’ was in August 2016 with lyrics by lyricist Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. Rakib’s co-artist in the song was Farabee. It was the 19th song of Rizvi-Rakib duo. This time, after a long two and a half years, the 20th song of this couple is coming on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Written by Rezaur Rahman Rizvi, the song titled ‘Tui Ke Amar’ has been sung by the artist himself.

Regarding the song ‘Tui Ke Amar’, Rakib Mosabbir said, “I am a fan of Rizvi Bhai’s impeccable lyric poetry. I always feel comfortable working with him. This time on Valentine’s Day, Rizvi Bhai’s song ‘Tui Ke Amar’ in my composition and singing is coming. I hope the listeners will like this song as they have done before.”

Lyricist Rezaur Rahman Rizvi said, “The first song I wrote in 2013 was composed and sung by Rakib Mosabbir. That song titled ‘Sukh Pakhi’ came up for great discussion. Since then, we have done 19 songs together. This time the 20th song is coming on Valentine’s Day. It’s a pleasure for both of us. I hope the listeners will like the song.”

It is learned that the lyrical video of the song is being released from the YouTube channel of Tune Factory on February 13 at 6 pm.

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