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Karamot Ullah Biplob
Inside of Flight EK 583 with Cabin Crew

‘Meet in the Middle’ came to Dubai and got to know each other better. There was a different feeling of love. Thousands of people from around the world are now flocking to Dubai, the capital of the Middle East. Many people may not understand if they do not open the matter. Dubai visit this time after one year.

The corona virus epidemic in China started in December 2019. Which spread in the form of a global epidemic in March 2020. Since then, there have been lockdowns in more than 150 countries. Aviation closed. Many countries have stopped crossing the border. Various new rules and regulations are also impose. It is difficult for everyone to go to their homeland or any other country at this time to see their mother, wife, children or relatives. Despite getting a long vacation, many people did not have the opportunity to go from one country to another or even to their own country at that time. Emirates Airline has done a brave job in these difficult times. Emirates was one of the first airline in the world to start direct operations in the wake of the Corona epidemic lockdown-curfew. The measures they took to prevent coronavirus infection were also unique. So even in the midst of this global epidemic, Dubai became a ‘meeting in the middle’. However, it has been made possible by the plan taken by the UAE government and the use of the highest technology. Millions of people have visited the country safely by overcoming the fear of corona. Which has not happened in any other country during this period.

karamot ullah biplobMany Bangladeshis could not come to the country from abroad even if they wanted to. Which was almost impossible, especially for Europe-America expatriates. Many of them have made Dubai their ‘middle destination’ amid the epidemic. Tourist visas in Dubai were closed for a while after the start of Corona. But it was introduced again before other countries. Getting a visa also very easy. So, many people from Europe-America have come to Dubai. Family relatives from the country have also gone there. In this way, after a long time, they have met, met, stayed together, wandered around again and safely gone to their destination. Not only Bangladeshis but also citizens of India and some other countries of the world have met at the central destination of Dubai-Abu Dhabi at this difficult time. And this is what Emirates Airline has named the meeting ‘In the Middle’. Emirates Airlines has carried more than 70 per cent of the foreigners arriving in the UAE during the Corona epidemic.

Emirates Airline system to prevent the transmission of the corona virus was perfect. To be a passenger of Emirates, you must have a COVID 19 negative certificate after the test. In addition, the Emirates is now disinfecting the inside and outside of the aircraft in two phases before departing for the destination. The measurements show the body temperature and other symptoms of the passengers. Inside the aircraft, they are washing and cleaning the passenger seats, handles, recreational switches, pillows, sheets, blankets, dining tables, toilets and even walking areas before the passengers get up and get off. The flight attendants have provided food without touching their hands. It is still mandatory for everyone to wear a mask inside the plane. All the passengers are being given a special ‘hygiene kit’ by Emirates Airlines. The personnel working inside the aircraft are lying on the PPE. Corona test is mandatory for every passenger at Dubai Airport. Passengers will get the results of this free test by text message on their mobile phones within 8-12 hours. It is forbidden to travel outside of Dubai from a hotel or location before receiving a ‘negative’ result in a message. In addition, immigration and other processes at the airport are being done through technology. Do not touch the paperwork. Due to such strict management, corona infestation and death rate in the UAE is very low.

karamot ullah biplobDubai is waking up again after the terrible recession of Corona. Tourist-businessmen have now started coming to this one of the most commercial cities in the world. Crowds of people are flocking to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Atlantis Palm City’s Lost World and Desert Safari. One year behind due to Corona, Dubai is going to host the world’s largest trade fair ‘Expo 2020’ in October this year. Which will continue for 6 months till March 2022. More than 25 Billion people from all over the world are expected to travel to Dubai to take part in the event. The construction of hotels, motels, expo centers, roads, bridges and other facilities at a cost of about $20 Billion is nearing completion.

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