Be a little panicked, raise awareness

আফজালুর রহমান সাংবাদিক

At a time when an average of more than 800 people have died every day in the last two months from infectious corona worldwide. The total number is more than 53 thousand. Infection has occurred among more than 10 lakh people. Find your own position in this global reality. IEDCR, a pathology, disease control and research institute, is regularly providing information.

The company says it tested more than 2,400 samples from January 26 to April 3. The number of victims there is 71. In which 6 corona patients died. If we understand the calculation so far, then our sample test rate is lower than other countries, so it is less affected.

But 6 out of 71 deaths remind us that the death rate in Corona in the country is close to 10 percent and it is certainly a matter of concern. WorldOmiters.info, a website that keeps a close eye on the Covid-19 situation, says Bangladesh has the highest corona death rate in South Asia. India has a mortality rate of 2.75 per cent, Pakistan 1.35 per cent, Afghanistan 1.8 per cent, Sri Lanka 2.03 per cent and Bangladesh 9.84 per cent.

There is also great disagreement over this calculation. IEDCR is trying to find the answers to those questions with all its capabilities. As a science student, I learned that no system can be flawless. Mechanical errors are therefore omitted in important calculations such as efficiency.

Now the question is if this is the real picture of the Corona situation in the country, then? Not out of doubt or suspicion, it can be said with a lot of certainty that the number of victims must be more than 61 people. The number that will be added due to the limitations of the country’s healthcare system is a matter of time. And if that is calculated, the death rate will come down numerically. But the most serious aspect of this disease is the tendency to infection. Easy Bengali contagious. Due to which community transmission of the disease may or may not occur.

The government has taken into account all these concerns. Proof of this is the announcement of general leave / closure, increase in the scope of health services, desperate efforts to control discipline, deployment of police as well as armed forces and emergency relief activities. Are these activities of the state enough? Maybe not maybe yes.

But the state has a responsibility in a deadly epidemic that should be the previous question, but does society have no responsibility? A lot of personal perceptions are like this; Our stomach eats, we will die without eating, feeling good, feeling bad, blaming, not understanding, Manina, all these are forcing the society and the state every day. This tendency to impose is sure to increase the risk in the coming days. It should not be forgotten that no cure for the disease has yet been discovered.

The easiest and most effective way to prevent this is to stay indoors, to stop crowds. The clear message is so; Be a little panicked, raise awareness.

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