After 7 long years, Ovi’s original song

valo sangbadIn 2014, famous singer Ovi Talukder’s original song album ‘F a Sumon Fit Ovi’ was released from G series. Since then, he has regularly covered various songs, but his original songs have not been published. This time after 7 long years, he is bringing original songs again.

The title of this new song sung by Ovi is ‘Murshid’. The lyrics are written by Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. The melody and music are directed by Tofy Renar. This is the first time the three of them have done a song together through this song.

Recently, the recording of the song ‘Murshid’ has been completed at Tofy Renar’s studio in Mohammadpur. Ovi said that the video of the song ‘Murshid’ from the production company G-Series will be released in the coming new year. However, the lyrical video of the song ‘Murshid’ is likely to be released before that.

Regarding the song ‘Murshid’, Ovi Talukder said, ‘The latest song from my latest solo album’ Bandhu Ki Asibe Firiya’ introduced me to the audience as a cover artist as well as an artist of original songs. The song was written by renowned lyricist Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. This time the audience will hear my original song again by singing another song written by him. I hope the listeners will like the song ‘Murshid’ like all my other songs.

By the way, vocalist Ovi Talukder first came to the discussion in 2006 by covering the song ‘Doyal Tomar Lagia Jogini Sajbo’ written by Paran Fakir, to the tune of Nabin Chandra Rajbangshi. The song was released from the G series on the album ‘Prem Shikari’.

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