Doctor tribute to a Journalist

From Animesh Biswas Facebook status
From Dr. Animesh Biswas Facebook Status

First time I met Biplob bhai many year back and we made plan to prepare a documentary. In first met i was amazed to see his visionary thoughts and how widely he can think and generate different new innovative ideas. It was my first impression! In recent years I just to share a few examples which inspired me heavily.
1. During corona pandemic, when everything stopped for a while, he didn’t stop rather everyday he fighted for Bangladeshi living in abroad, he started to open live in FB and anyone could join and shared their difficulties in abroad during corona time! He brings one point- how much values of those people working so hard in abroad and send remittance.
2. When his mother was sick and went to meet Prof Hamidur sir who is direct my teacher and famous doctor in Rangpur ( Orthopaedics), Biplob bhai posted in his wall and highly appreciated a doctor’s care during COVID time.
3. Year back, he did several features on child drowning prevention and after many years of continuous efforts in Bangladesh, United Nations resolution on global drowning prevention has been agreed.
4. Recently in one post he has raised his voice on COVID vaccination and how the DGHS strongly come up with COVID 19 vaccination, he shared his reflection which encouraged many of his followers to take vaccination ( as per govt guideline)
5. Finally, he is one of them like us ( health care providers) a brave frontline worker in COVID which was also infected by corona and return back to works.
Lesson learnt from those examples is that one person can shift paradigm and can contribute for the people and nation!
Wish you keep your smile on all times and your works help many thousands of people. All the best wishes and Respect your good works and Thoughts.

Animesh BiswasAnimesh Biswas

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