19 Unknown stories of the visually impaired

pre loderWhen Seema Saha sang the song ‘Can you tell me, isn’t it true / I had a funny dream tonight’, dreams were playing in everyone’s eyes. So many dream fairs! So much for life! All of which is in the dark. It is dark to dream. And the speed of their life is stopping in this darkness. Everyone’s eyes have gone out. Someone is born blind. After someone is born. Now darkness is their companion. The love that is in the inner vision, the color of love never fades. 19 blind female students run by Imam Foundation in Mohammadpur Adabar of the capital are wrapped in the blanket of immortal love.

They are the stars of the dark world. Everyone has a strong taste for light. But there is no light in the eyes, he sees the light in the eyes! But if the light inside is intense, then the light develops and so does the darkness. Inward

Mahmuda Akhter is teaching among these students of Imam Foundation after passing her Masters from Chittagong University. He is blind from birth. Mahmuda has found a place in the center of love of students in a year and a half. Another of the teachers passed from Eden College. The blind girls follow the path of their education-life through the hands of these two blind teachers.

They are all in one family now in the infallible game of trust, faith and destiny. Relying on one another while holding hands. After receiving love, they forget their family and relatives. The pain of not forgetting to watch.
Teacher Mahmuda said, we did not have the good fortune to see the light of the world. What is the benefit of awakening the taste of the light that you have not seen? Find the taste of life with the light of the heart. Many people do not find the meaning of life even if they see it with their eyes. We are better than them.

With unwavering confidence in himself, he said, “People are identified by their actions. With indomitable strength we can roam in all branches of education. Everyone who is here is learning with ordinary students. Taking part in class-exams. The power of the mind is the key to realizing any dream. ‘

Speaking of 2003. In Faridpur, the Imam Foundation was founded by three visually impaired people. Founder Mohammad Saeed Imamul Hasan Imam himself is a visually impaired person. Eighty-five percent of the eyes do not see. Worked in LGED ministry. He gave birth to such a school with the urge to find his own vision in the blind. The scope of the Imam Foundation continues to grow over time. Following this, a new branch was established in January 2016 with visually impaired women in Mohammadpur.

The cost per student is 5 thousand rupees per month. Most of which comes from the foundation. However, the money that came to the foundation also came from the help of different people.

Hasan Imam, the founder of the foundation, said, “This effort is from the heartache of the blind.” As the days go by, its scope is increasing. Now the money is in crisis. I wish the government good luck. If the government wants, it can give a taste of normal life to all the disabled.

Seema Saha came from Elenga in Tangail in January last year. Seema said there is no problem in staying with Muslim girls. Earlier he was under an organization in Rajshahi. That’s where the handcuffs of study come from. He also used to sing there. Whenever he wants, he sings in a sweet melody and gives joy to everyone.

Seema’s father is a grocer. The cost of living no longer comes from home. The cost from the family does not match the cost of others. In addition to general education, he has recently focused on teaching the Qur’an with Muslim students. Said, I am learning from feeling good. However, after finishing his education, he will focus on becoming a teacher or a singer.

Tahmina Akhter Tanu came from Shariatpur in the same year. Thin eyes get blurred (15 percent). He studied in the village till the fourth class. Tanui is the youngest of one brother and four sisters. Everyone in the family took the news of Adar’s youngest daughter Tanu. Eden College student big sister comes to find from time to time.

Tanu went on to tell his life story and said, I am fine here. At least education is a guarantee of life. Village school was a problem for me. Everyone is getting love like family.

Sabiha Akhter came from Binodpur village next to Rajshahi University. Earlier, he started studying from an institution in Joypurhat. Now this visually impaired person is studying in the eighth grade. Both siblings are blind. The rickshaw puller did not have the opportunity to study from his father’s family.

Sabiha also dreams of becoming a teacher. He said that it is possible to reach people quickly only by imparting education. And if you can be among the people, all the sorrows and sufferings can be forgotten.

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